Discover the Perfect Ring Diameter with Distinction

In the world of opulent jewelry and exquisite accessories, precision is paramount. Ensuring your treasured ring possesses the ideal diameter is essential to embracing luxury. Follow these steps to measure your ring diameter with the sophistication and finesse that befit the world of fine jewelry:

You Will Require:

  • A ring that fits
  • A ruler with millimeter precision

Step 1:

Get Ready: First, make sure you have your ring that fits and a ruler ready.

Step 2:

Measure Inside the Ring:

  • If you're using a ruler: Look inside the ring and find the widest part. This is usually from one side to the opposite side. Now, place your ruler so it touches both sides at this widest point.
Tip: If your ring has a different shape and is not round, measure the shortest distance between the edges.